Passenger Logs – 2002





5 Responses to “Passenger Logs – 2002”

  1. fin2 Says:

    2002 contains flights to Sofia, Calgary, St Martin, Anguilla and St Barts.

    Among others.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Nice talking to you yesterday. I’ll be just fine Fin but I get a little gloomy and dreary in day to day work and conversations…

    Call me Darth Vader. I sure feel that way when people ask me about the current economic system. I’m sitting on a pile of cash and of course I forgot to mention income from Munis as well…

    My business may be off but I’m fine. I was feeling pretty bad because we had to let someone go yesterday.


  3. fin2 Says:

    I enjoyed the chat too Bobby. You are perhaps one of the few people from the old JS that I do NOT particularly worry about where the economy is concerned. Although your Dad was twenty years older than you are now when his heart betrayed him, DO keep a good eye on things. I know you are, but keep it up.

  4. BethanyC Says:

    Really, all these turned out remarkably well. Nice photo-ing.

  5. fin2 Says:

    Thanks Angel. I have about a dozen more to go.

    Logbooks, not posts. There were thirty pages just in this one.

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