Recent experience with Dell tech support

February 10, 2012

Since I have never been shy about lambasting a company which kept customers on hold for over an hour before connecting them with someone who could not speak or understand English and who were frequently unable to correct a problem…fairness compels me to praise the people with whom I just dealt, profusely.

There were three problems with my dell lappy, [only of course today they are not ‘problems’ but ‘issues’].  Two were relatively minor (that is, took less than a half hour to resolve), but the third one really had them hustling in the Punjab.  Simply put, my laptop could not access google.


The Dell tech took over the computer and the initial call-taker was on with me for an hour and a half and then called back to continue his efforts.   What was also new and different in this call was the fact that it was answered within a very few minutes of being placed, as opposed to waits in the past of over an hour.

He confessed at one point that he had at least one supervisor and other senior techs standing by to assist him as he rooted deep in the innards of the lappy, rooting out suspected malware etc.

 The upshot of the entire event was that they were (and I am) ONLY able to access google using their numerical IP.  So we have created a shortcut for the desktop using that IP instead of words.  It works, and I remain very pleased and quite impressed with their professionalism and tenacity in the matter.  I was willing to quit trying long before they were!  Glad we both persevered.



August 12, 2009


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