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August 12, 2009


I have had my picture on front page age one I have had pic on front page of newspaper @ age ten
I have scuba in Caymans, Cozumel I Have skiid Adirondacks
I have snorkled in Buck Island I have snorkled in Hamanana Bay; Chankanaab, Cozumel; Bermuda
I have hang glided in RIO I have rapelled in the TETONS
I have jeeped in Bali, Out Islands I have graduated Cum Laude from good Eastern University
I have been announced by heraldic trumpets I have motorcycled Monterey
I have seen the rodeo in Salinas I have visited each state at least twice
I have been in every Canada province I have visited 5 states in Mexico
I have played piano 4 hours with Woody Allen I have played for crown heads of Europe
I have played for two sitting VP’s ; I have played for Speaker of House of Reps,
I have been lead story on TV on five oclock I have seen the treasures of King Tut
I have sky dived from 8500 feet I have been sand-blasted by 747 at Maho Beach, St Maarten
I have scootered Bermuda I have rickshawed in Singapore
I have seen the sunset at Key WEST I have ridden the orient express
I have jet skiied Curacao I have flown bi-plane in Sedona, Rhinebeck, Bayport
I have hand flown a B-17 I have flown in 130+ kinds of planes
I have flown into over 600airports I have driven in 50 states and 31 countries
I have heard call to prayer in Istanbul I have driven 150 mph
I have flown supersonic twice [mach 2] I have flown to 61,000 feet
I have visited seven continents I have seen a herd of elephants, rhinos,+ 21 others @ Kruger
I have boated with manatees I have seen polar bears in Churchill; guanacos in Patagonia
I have seen moose in Yellowstone I have seen grizzlys in Katmai; penguins in Falklands
I rode the parachute jump at Coney Island I have parasailed in St Pete, Block Island
I have owned 3 airplanes,4 sportscars I have climbed inside the huge carillon @ Riverside church while playing
I have listened to Virgil Fox live I have been to radio city music hall
I have climbed eiffle tower, CN, KL, Space Needle,wtc, Empire state, statue of liberty, arc de triumph,
St Pauls Dome,Sydney tower,washington monument, Sea WOrld tower
I have whale watched in Montauk and seen elephant seals on Valdez Peninsula, Argentina
I have seen the catacombs I have visited parthanon 480AD, colliseum 76AD,
I have seen Prada, British Museum, Louvre I have shopped on Nathan St for clothes
I have marched in Macys parade I have seen geysers in NZ,Iceland, Yellowstone
I have flown seaplane in Seattle, I have been married and have two children
I have driven to Florida solo, nonstop I have walked streets of 46+____country capitol cities
I have circled the world I have crossed the equator __14__ times +
I have crossed the 70th parallel I have visited Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope
I have played polo on LI I have survived motorcycle, boat, and airplane crashes
I survived boat crash and _12 auto accidents I have played cello [Mozart]in string quartet
I have played string bass in modern jazz I have played ukulele, guitar at Jones Beach parties
I have climed highest mt in Maine, Spain I have hot air ballooned in Glens Falls
I have dined with cabinet officers I have seen aurora borealis at Hither Hills, Churchill
I have ridden a harley davidson I have witnessed the birth of my 2 children
I have shaken hands with Ross Perot I have had tea at Blue Mosque, cappucino in St Marks
I have rafted in Jamaica,Carmens river I have horse & buggy’d in Central Park
I have flown Concorde I have kayaked at Katmai
I have had house explode I have diced onions, replaced a light switch
I have seen beluga whales in Seward I have been to the monarch butterfly festival in Calif
I have held a koala bear I have flown in a ten helicopter formation
I have had a Christmas house fire I have been pulled out of surf at Jones Beach
I have seen a waterspout I have landed at Fresh Kill in police md902
I have been in a California earthquake I have airboated thru Everglades, gondola in Venice
I have ridden in a rumbleseat i Have dugout canoed with dolphins in Bali
I have walked on Great Wall at Badaling I have shared hotel with Premier of China during P-3 plane flap
I have seen buffalo, elk, moose in Tetons I have hiked appalachian trail, hiked with monkeys in Bali
I have seen active volcanoes in Hawaii, Alaska, Indonesia, New Zealand, Monserrat
I have sat behind pilot landing in Lima I have white water rafted the Oconee river
I have seen bighorn sheep in Banff I have been in army hospital
i have got good conduct medal I have made two record albums and been on 4 others
I have seen geysers in Yellowstone, New Zealand, Iceland,
I have boated around Long Island (outboard) I have played nr Grand Ballroom @ Waldorf Astoria
I have invite from a general to a ball I have dined with billionaires and ambassadors in embassy in Kuwait
I have been jury foreman on rape sodomy case I have been shot at
I have thrown a live hand grenade I have seen space launch from Canaveral
I gave been aboard a submarine, battleship I have been aboard the Normandie and cruised six times
I have seen Johnny Cash Live in Seattle I have been to 2 dozen_broadway plays –
I have been on a hayride I have climbed inside a silo f
I have visited asbestos mine in Quebec I have ridden cog railway on Zugspitz, Mt Washington Wa
I gave ridden cable cars @ Whistler, cannon mt, queenstown, sugarloaf, sandia peak, funn
zugspitz, el tiede, table mt, Dominica, St Thomas
I have seen the Budweiser clydesdales I have drunk lohenbrau beer @ Hofbrauhaus in Munich
I have rung fire engine bell I have driven a police car; numerous ride alongs
I have sailed 65’sailboat in channel I have ridden an elephant
I have eaten at Mcd in __38___ countries I have done outside loop in a Pitts [passenger]
I have dined with 8 ambassadors I have ridden in Ambassador’s limo with flag on fender
I have hand flown AN2 with Europe champ I have flown in Fla with Indy 500 race driver from Mexico
I have played at the Junes Beach Bandshell I have visited Stonehenge 3100 BC
I have climbed belfry 1000 yr old church I have had my car stopped @ 120mph driven by highway sgt
I have retrieved stolen calc by bluff on st I have transited the Panama Canal on an ocean liner (Ecstasy)
I have crossed suspension foot bridges in Costa Rican rain forest
I have ridden in a submarine to 150 feet depth and sat on the bottom in Aruba
I have helicoptered over Aruba I have hard hat dived in Cozumel Mexico
I have swum with dolphins in Honduras I have ridden glass bottom boats in Bahamas, Silver Springs, Cancun
I have seen the mermaids at Weekie Watchie I have had buffalo burgers in Wyoming
i have seen water skiiers at Cypress Gdns I have walked Dunns River Falls in Jamaica
I have seen Niagra Falls, Yosemite Falls I have climbed Mayan temples in Belize
I have seen hells angel invasion in Monterey I have pulled a loaded handgun in anger in California
I have overflown Antartica at 500′ I have sailed round the horn
I have land rovered across Antigua, Falklands I have seen Mary Martin play Peter Pan on Broadway
I have used a power jackhammer I have played with penguins in Patagonia
I have visited six continents seen 7th I have seen rheas and guanacos in Patagonia
I have been N 71 and S 64 degrees I have found naked suicide
I have seen radio production of Lets Pretend I have heard NY Philharmonic orchestra-Beethovens Sixth
I have heard Billy Graham in Madison Sq Gdn I have biked down Haleakala on Maui
I have hiked on glaciers Fox, NZ I have swum with sharks, rays at Bora Bora
I have seen Mr Rushmore I have visited 21 national parks or monuments
I have stood on the bridge with the captain as a liner left Bermuda and fiance blew the horn thrice
I have dined at the Five Flies in Amsterdam I have flown past checked billboard into Kai Tak