Passenger Log – 2005





3 Responses to “Passenger Log – 2005”

  1. fin2 Says:

    Finally! The top entry looks routine enough, but on a trip to Florida, I not only buried the ashes of my wonderful and remarkable Dad in a quiet churchyard near where he had lived so long, but met the girl of my dreams in person for the very first time.

    A pattern of trips between NY and Dixie becomes evident thereafter, but I like the one from DFW to OGG….also known as Maui, where American airlines was selling ham sandwiches for five bucks.

  2. Ben Says:

    I had thought one could click on the pics and they would enlarge – but not so here. Hard to read any of it.

  3. fin2 Says:

    True Ben. As I explained to Bloggergirl, this is more or less just a kind of storage for me. With a magnifying glass, much of it can probably be read, but there is little reason to.

    I have at least a half dozen more such logbooks in addition to this one, which yielded over 30 pages. I have photographed one more and am cropping those photos. Again, mostly for my own peace of mind, I will probably continue to post more of them, with a comment if any are of more than neutral interest.

    I sure like the way you can click on the photos over on blogger though!

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