Passenger Log – 2005





3 Responses to “Passenger Log – 2005”

  1. fin2 Says:

    This batch contains a flight to the smaller Houston airport, jumping off point for a cruise to Belize and Guatemala, during which I photographed another NCL liner on which I would subsequently visit the same ports with my fiance.

    It contains a flight to Dublin where I met another internet friend and on to Edinburgh where I met the “infamous” Westy.

    One page contains one of my most exciting flights ever, which was my overflight of Antartica, down to less than five hundred feet above the ground. Flights to and from South America of course are on the same page, since the Antartica flight originated from Chile.

  2. fin2 Says:

    And finally, there is a flight to Madrid and on to Rome. This was the last cruise I ever took before actually meeting BG face to face, and one of my few non-NCL cruises. Despite the seven hour time difference, I spent a considerable part of that cruise trying to reach Texas by pay telephone or internet.

  3. wildwesty Says:

    thanks for the heads-up, fin!

    I never thought to put my airline flights in logbooks, but once I started putting them in an excel spreadsheet. But flights weren’t HALF as exciting as yours!

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